Pure Water Technology

Dakota leverages knowledge and expertise gathered from more than 30 years in hazardous gas systems and applies it to water tech applications that require high precision and pure water technology. Our ultra-high purity water tech projects include working with Entegris on their LiquidLens UPW purification system for immersion lithography scanners' fluid lens. This system relies on ultra-high purity water for its process. Read the case study below to learn how Dakota has partnered with Entegris to help them succeed in water tech:


After establishing a business upon component design and manufacturing, Entegris wanted to expand their offerings to include fully assembled systems. Systems manufacturing was not their core competency, however, and the quality and performance of their systems was not meeting customer needs. In order to stay in the systems business they needed a partner who understood process equipment and could participate in the design and product lifecycle management.

Dakota's Approach

Dakota and Entegris entered into a product lifecycle partnership. Dakota not only offered superior manufacturing practices, but they also took over the supply chain management and participated in design modifications to improve the performance of Integris' legacy systems.


With Dakota as a partner, Entegris' liquid lens system has become a major success. In a departure from their initial struggles, the quality and performance of the system is remarkable leading to a tremendous shift in customer satisfaction. Entegris is now optimistic about their systems business and future projects with Dakota as a partner.

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Water Analysis

Dakota leverages materials delivery and process equipment design and manufacturing expertise to develop highly-sophisticated water analysis equipment for water monitoring systems. Aqua Metrology Systems (AMS) relies on Dakota’s design and manufacturing expertise alongside our unique product lifecycle partnership model of mutual success and growth. Through excellent system design and smart business practices, Dakota and AMS together are making real time monitoring of water quality and contaminants a reality.

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Water Tech Manufacturing

We work with water tech customers from prototype to production. In addition to our materials delivery expertise and manufacturing excellence, including diligent ERP documentation and supply chain management, Dakota’s production-ready facility is equipped for everything from prototype development to complete equipment testing and validation with our final test bays.

The Dakota Difference

Lifecycle Partnerships

Dakota partners with our customers throughout the product lifecycle. From building prototype water tech equipment to testing and validating at Alpha and Beta sites to full scale manufacturing and next generation development, we help our customers optimize their product lifecycle to maximize profits and remain dominant in their space. Watch this video to learn more about Product Lifecycle Partnerships.

Proudly Helping Our WaterTech Partners Succeed

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