Cytovance Biologics

Dakota's Approach / Solution

Dakota designed a custom Stainless Steel bio-reactor that would be extremely ergonomic, efficient to operate as well as being built to ASME BPE and NFPA 79 standards. Components chosen for the design have a proven track record for longevity and robustness. The standard P&ID and URS was reviewed with Cytovance and edited to meet Cytovance’s needs. By using CAD software in the design with every part specifically detailed and built to print, any change Cytovance wanted to make in the future could be easily engineered to fit perfectly into the system.


The bio-reactor performed better than any other equipment Cytovance has owned. The design and ergonomics allow them to turn the bio-reactor around from batch to batch and product to product much faster greatly improving throughput and yield. The adaptable design enables future technology to be easily implemented. Cytovance was so pleased with the initial 1,000 liter bioreactor that they ordered an additional 5,000 liter bioreactor with a 5000 liter clarification vessel that was tied into the same control system but still allowed independent operation of the vessels. A complete turnover package was supplied that would enable Cytovance to easily go through the equipment Commissioning and Qualification process.


Cytovance required a bio-reactor that met all current industry standards but also had the capability to adapt to new technologies and processes based on future customer engagements, new technologies, or process changes. Cytovance needed an equipment manufacturer who would work with them and customize the equipment to their needs and not just sell them a standard bioreactor.

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