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With more than 30 years’ experience in facility and process equipment design and manufacturing, Dakota has a uniquely comprehensive domain knowledge. We leverage this expertise to provide clean energy technology partners with design insights and manufacturing best practices to further their process technology. Our design and engineering expertise manifests in three core areas.


Dakota was founded to meet the process piping needs for hazardous gas delivery. Not only is quality design and engineering integral to the performance of equipment, but more importantly it is vital to the safety of your employees and/or customers. At Dakota we manufacture equipment with the utmost pride and responsibility. Every Dakota employee undergoes extensive training including a full seminar on safety and responsibility – both for our own employees and our customers’ employees. Dakota equipment has withstood decades of competing technologies in large part because of the reliability and safety of our equipment.


Our design-for-manufacture philosophy, strict ERP documentation, and calibrated-to-demand flexibility all allow our customers to navigate the peaks and valleys of the product lifecycle. This is especially relevant to clean energy technology ventures. When we design a prototype, we design it with scale and manufacturing in mind so you are prepared for opportunity when it arrives. Similarly, our diligent documentation allows us to create identical equipment for repeatable results or design next generation equipment that can leverage existing equipment and infrastructure. The aggregate effect of a Dakota partnership is reliable process-critical systems – for everything from fuel cell technology, to hydrogen storage or liquid battery systems – designed to help you succeed.


With a history in both facilities and process equipment, Dakota’s unique knowledge enables us to design an elegant symbiosis between the ecosystem and the equipment. We design with an ergonomic standard for modular design, scale and flexibility of clean energy technology and equipment. The net result is easier installation, improved performance, and an optimized product lifecycle.

Lifecycle Partnerships

Dakota partners with our clean energy customers throughout the product lifecycle. From building prototype equipment to testing and validating at Alpha and Beta sites to full scale manufacturing and next generation development, we help our customers optimize their product lifecycle to improve the performance, profitability and viability of next generation clean energy systems from fuel cell technology to liquid battery systems. Watch this video to learn more about Product Lifecycle Partnerships.

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CleanEnergy Manufacturing

We work with clean energy technology customers from prototype to production. In addition to our materials delivery expertise and manufacturing excellence, including diligent ERP documentation and supply chain management, Dakota’s production-ready facility features class 100 & 1000 clean rooms, clean assembly space, and final test bays to run complete equipment testing and validation before we ship.

The Dakota Difference

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Clean Energy Practices at Dakota

With ERP documentation, supply chain management, and quality control, Dakota ensures that you are ready to grow and meet opportunities in clean energy technology. Our customers have no overhead manufacturing costs yet are able to ramp production to meet demand.

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